Fall Fever?

Fall Favors Your Guests Will Love!
Favors are fun! They are a great way to thank your guests for sharing your special day with you. Find a favor that says something about you as a couple, is something you love, or is something that compliments your day. Here are some ideas for fabulously fall favors that celebrate the season and that your guests would love!

Mugs & Apple Cider: Giving every guest their own jar glass is a favor they can use throughout the night. Having cider or hot chocolate would add to the fall celebration. Don’t forget the cinnamon sticks!

Photo Booth: Everyone loves to take pictures and be in pictures. Not only is a photo booth a fun activity for guests during the reception, but you can make a scrapbook of all your guests’ fun. A great way to make it unexpected is to provide a fall backdrop and props! We know some great photobooth vendors :)

Maple Syrup: If you love pancakes and french toast then give the gift of delicious syrup. Maple syrup tastes like fall and is a great way to bring you into the cozy months.

Jam “Spread the Love”: Whether it’s your favorite flavor or your grandma’s favorite recipe, giving your guests a jar of jam or jelly is a memorable favor. There is nothing like homemade jam and maybe this would be the perfect task for that aunt or mother in law hoping to help make the day special!

Pumpkin Seeds: What an unexpected seasonal snack! If you have pumpkins as part of your decor then giving your guests pumpkin seeds is a fun way to tie it all together.


Beautiful Blues at the Bartling Brand Wedding


Beautiful Blues at the Bartling Brand Wedding

Stacy & Travis left their new home in Vancouver WA to share their nuptials with friends and family here in Toledo. Stacy's mother Laura was such a help throughout the long distance wedding planning process I hope for that kind of unconditional love and support for every bride.
The big day was full of surprises, which included a last minute change in ceremony location due to in climate weather. Thanks to the understanding couple, fast acting Maumee Bay team, and all our vendors for working together to make that location just as beautiful and special for the couple & their guests.
The reception was nothing short of gorgeous. The floral arrangements, up-lighting, lanterns, chair sashes & sweets complimented Maumee Bays banquet room, leaving guests & Maumee Bay staff in awe of the transformation.
Take a look at a sneak peak below!

Location: Maumee Bay State Park
Florist: David Swesey
Photographer: Ashley Short
DJ: Rockin Rons Mobile DJ Service
Lighting: Great Lakes Sound
Cake & Cookies: Janes Cakes
Planning, Decor, chaircovers & arch: Elite Events


Unique Save the Dates

I really feel that the save the date card is the most important first impression you will make on your guests. It's a sneak peekk on what is more to come on your wedding day. For those whimsy brides that love a little unique twist- this ia very memorable idea. Of corse this idea is from the one and only Marta stewart :)

Do you love buttons?

Save the Date Tickets: There are many variations on this theme: You can create a mock concert ticket that looks jhust like a ticket to go see your favorite band, or plane tickets are really cute for desitnation weddings. How about raffle tickets, we;ve seen those thousands of times, make up own only include your wedding date information!

Save the Date Scratch Off's

These letterpressed invitations and save the dates by LINDA & HARRIETT are so stinking cute! Inspired by Ben & Jerry! ADORABLE!

How fun are these 3D Save the Dates

Nothing Says " I spy a good time!" like this quirky and curious save the date!


Guess Where I'm going?

Super Excited that I finally made my reservations for:

This conference is going to be so motivating and really get my creative juices flowing for the new wedding year! It is the first time that I have decided to attend this conference and I could not be more excited! I can't wait! Starting with sessions on Sunday, and a Haute time with Celiberity Event Planner Sasha Souza, MBC

as well as a HOTT finale with world reowned designer

David Tutera on Tuesday! From sunrise to Sunset there will be lots of hot educational topics and a great trade show. I am so excited and cant wait to share with all of my brides :)

Staying at a fabulous resort is another perk!


Perfect for the people who seem to have everything!

Beach and Bridal™ Mr. & Mrs. wedding cake forks and vintage wedding silverware garden markers etc.

Weddings, anniversaries, parties and new additions to families happen year round....A personalized spoon or pair of forks (space permitting) is a fun, yet thoughtful way to mark any occasion.

Perfect for the people who seem to have everything.

love the idea of using them for place cards :) very unique!

you can find these at Beach House Living

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Let Me Clarify...Let The Rhetoric Stop There's No Such Thing As A Perfect Wedding


There is a ton of rhetoric in the wedding industry and I want to spend a minute to dispel what I think a lot of planners and designers tend to propagate. Let's stop it...today:

"The Wedding Is The Most Important Day of Your Life"

This couldn't be further from the truth and for those of us who have lived a few years, we know that it is only one of many important days a couple will have. There will be life milestones, babies, new houses, new jobs and lots of other important days that will define who you are and define your life story.

If I hear this one more time come out of the mouths of celebrity wedding planners, event designers or otherwise, my head may explode. It creates an unrealistic expectation about what a wedding is about and the perfection behind it. No wedding or marriage will ever be perfect - it can never be PERFECT. So, please, stop filling the heads of your couples with the notion that you create perfection, when in realism, you are a firefighter. On the wedding day, you put out fires to keep the event as close to a perfect day as it can ever be - you plan for it - create Plan B - roll with the punches but parties have a life of their own and our job on the event day is to mange the expectation. By setting it unrealistically high we are doing a disservice to ourselves and to our clients.

"It's The Bride's Big Day" or "It's the Couple's Big Day"

No, no, no... it's not. The day is about the joining of two families and not about any one person in particular. it's the hopes and dreams of the parents, grandparents and the couple. It's about taking care of the guests and their experience. By telling couples it's all about them, we are only creating the monsters you see on Bridezillas who believe that on that one day everybody needs to do what they say. It's a childlike mentality and adults are getting married. If you're old enough to get married, you're old enough not to be babysat. I'm not a babysitter, I'm a professional person doing a professional job for you and you have to take some of the responsibility as well - it's about the guests who are coming to your wedding and showing them a good time and showcasing your individuality. It's not about being a princess on your wedding day. Grow up.

As Wedding Planners We Relieve Your Stress

I have been doing weddings for a while and this one is the worst. A client is going to feel stressed if they are prone to stress. They also are going to feel stress if their families are setting unrealistic expectations on them and on the wedding...nothing you can do about the families. Just give support & an ear and some advice. But they have to deal with their own stress - either real or imagined. Instead, what we do is show them the road, the right way to create as little stress as possible for them. But we don't relieve their stress...that's what xanax is for.

If we could as a business just stop using these three "catch phrases" we all would have much happier, well adjusted couples.


Renee & Rick

Renee & Rick

Renee and Rick were such a lovely couple. Two chiropractors from Tiffin, Ohio who's love for each other was infectious. Dr. Renee Perry and Dr. Richard Reser envisioned a simple yet elegant feel for their wedding. In my opinion they could not have chose a more perfect venue for their event. The Toledo club offered the perfect backdrop for both their ceremony and reception.
Thank you to Marcia Plotts a friend of the family for providing us with some photos from the day to share!

Ceremony & Reception: The Toledo Club
Cater: The Toledo Club
Florist: Bumble on Main
Entertainment: The Late Show
Photobooth: Flashback Photobooths
Chaircovers: The Guilded Chair
Makeup: Pearls and a black dress
Linens: Elite Events
Event Coordinator: Nikki Wolfe

A big thanks to everyone at the Toledo Club, for all of your assistance in making
this a day to remember!