Strut Your Pooch!

All of you that know me, know that I am a HUGE dog LOVER! Dogs are just the best! Well, in honor of our lovely pets I am putting a team together for Bark in the Park, sponsored by the Toledo Area Humane Society.

Let's Walk for the Amimals!

The festivites begin at the Toledo Area Humane Society
Sunday, May 16 RAIN OR SHINE and journeys around Arrowhead Park for 1.5 miles.

Food, vendors and fun activites will begin at 9am. The walk registration begins at 10am and the walk starts at 11am.

I am gathering pledges to help support the animals of TAHS! Each Walker that participates will recieve a commemorative t-shirt. Also for those intrested in being apart of the ELITE EVENTS walk team, you will recieve a ELITE EVENTS tee to wear for the walk!

Bark in the park is a fun event for everyone in the family including your 4 legged friend!

You will be sure to see my pups there:

Maya & Cali!

Be sure to join in the exciting dog contests:

  • Most unusual looking dog

  • Looks most like its owner

  • Biggest party pooper

  • The most missbehaved

  • Sloppiest kisser

If you are intrested in Joining the Elite Events Team, please contact me ASAP!


Thanks! Hope to see you there!


Ashlee & Matt~Sneek Peek!

When I started thinking about what to write in this post, I was not exactly sure where to start. This wedding was one of my favorites so far. Being apart of Ashlee and Matts wedding was like hanging out with a bunch of friends....... It was fun, easy and lots of laughs! They had the perfect wedding!

Stacy & I headed down to St. Pete beach Florida on Wednesday and stayed until Sunday Morning. Wednesday we assisted the bride and groom with putting together welcome bags, Thursday we confirmed all details with vendors, conducted the rehearsal, then had the rehearsal dinner. Friday was WEDDING DAY, and Saturday we rewarded our self with some fun in the sun time along with massage and facials, for a job well done!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, in the 80's and slightly breezy. The ceremony was at 6:00pm so Matt and Ashlee decided to do pictures before hand, this allowed them to enjoy cocktail hour with the rest of their guests. The hotel and setting was magnificent. The reception area overlooked the ceremony, which was located right on the beach. Might I add I loved being able to do my job barefoot :) Food was fabulous, music was great and the guests could not have been more fun. We went there as their wedding planners and left feeling like friends:) Jamie & Aaron from Considering Lilies Photography did a fantastic job, and I cant wait to see the photos. You know you did a job well done when passer buyers were asking for your business card :) YAY! I cant take all of the credit of everything, the colors were Ashlee's vision, we just made it happen! If I don't say so myself the yellow did look amazing! Thank you to all of the FABULOUS vendors that made my vision a reality!

Events in Bloom
A Tailored Event
Tradewinds Island Grand
Linens by the Sea
Grant Hemond -Jude
Considering Lilies Photography
I can't wait until the reception back in Ohio, it will be so nice to see everyone again!

I'm no professional photographer, but here are a few photos that I took. (maybe some of my photography friends can give me some lessons with my new camera :)?)
I cant wait to see the photos that Jamie & Aaron took! I am sure that they are going to be fabulous!


Ceremonies within a Ceremony

For those of you that might be looking for something a little different than the Unity Candle.
I met with some of my clients the other night and was reminded that not everyone knows about all the ceremonies out there! A ceremony, depending on who performs it (churches are more restrictive), can be completely personalized. There are several small ceremonies that can be preformed within the ceremony to give the ceremony a special touch. Here are a few of the examples and a little bit out them. (thank you to Andrea Wiseman & Shandro Photo for the photos below!)

Ring Warming Ceremony This is a fabulous way to get your guests involved in your wedding. At the beginning of the ceremony the officiant will make an announcement about the rings and their meaning. They are then passed around to each guest for the guest to hold and say a prayer or blessing over the couples rings. To prevent any misplaced rings, you could put them in a sheer bag or have someone monitor the rings – especially if you are outside!

Rose Ceremony After the announcement of husband and wife, two roses are give to the bride and the groom and then they each exchange the rose with each other as their first gift as husband and wife. The rose is special because it is the symbol of Love. Wording Examples
Hand Tying Ceremony (Handfasting)A unity ceremony this ceremony has the bride and groom join hands while a strip of fabric (a cord, a ribbon, a sash, etc.) is wrapped around their hands. The Officiant will then speak about the importance of the marriage and how the bride and groom have become one. Wording Examples

Sand Ceremony This ceremony symbolizes two people becoming one. It is that the bride and groom were individuals and going this day forward they are one and that the prior individuals no longer exist, and cannot be separated and poured back into their original containers.
There are two containers of colored sand plus one more container sand is poured in to the third container alternating layers of colored sand by the bride and groom – or the parents of the bride and groom and the bride and groom. Wording Examples

Unity CandleAgain this one symbolizes unity; two separate candles are used by the bride and groom to light the middle candle symbolizing that they have now become one. Wording Examples

Wine CeremonyThis couple did something a little bit different. Similar to a rose exchange the couple exchanged boxes with a bottle of wine with a personal note - to be opened on their 25th wedding anniversary - How awesome is that?


Lauren & Jeff 03.20.10

Another Black, White and Green Wedding for Elite Events!

Black White & Green, Really should be our Theme :) We had the
privileged of unveiling this beautiful color scheme at the 2009
Sounds of Music Bridal Show and were lucky enough to
implement it in August of 2009 and here it is again in March

Lauren and Jeff are an amazing couple. I met Lauren shortly after the
Bridal Show and was smitten with her from the start. Her and her
mother Nancy were so sweet and had a beautiful vision for this beautiful
wedding day. I was so excited to be a part of the planning process and
assisting them pull it all together. Being a part of Lauren and Jeff's wedding
was an honor. It was a fun and easy day, lots of smiles and laughs and
wonderful details. The day began with a early morning brunch, then off to
the salon at the hotel, dressed at the church, a first look down the aisle
(this is when the bride and groom will see each other prior to the ceremony)
(sarah j. photography) then laid back photos downtown. Then of course back
to the church for the ceremony and off tho the reception at the country club.

Here are some pictures of the fabulous event! Courtesy of Sarah J. Photography

Thank you Lauren and Jeff for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your very special day!
Congratulations and best wishes to a happy life together!

Reception Site: Sylvania Country Club

Florist: Emery's

Bakery: Eastons

Photographer: Sarah j. Photography

Coordinator: Elite Events